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#jeanmarco fucked me up

Meredith. 21. Potential college dropout. Enthusiastic dance teacher. Bears, bones, and rocks rustle my jimmies. If you want to win my heart, share your favorite music with me and I'm yours.

Cool kids.





Monty Python predicted our generation.

Oh my god

Guess who got their nose pierced. THISKID.


Matt Damon Does Ice Bucket Challenge With Toilet Water For 800 Million Without Clean H2O

Matt Damon was conflicted when friends Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck called on him to complete the ALS ice bucket challenge.

Find out who Damon challenges here. 


more bear owls

based on my favorite owls <3



wtf did i just watch

i can’t stop watching this

❝ When Kieren was alive, even though he was kind of a rebel in the village, he was very unsure of himself and of course Rick coming from the background that he did, it was very difficult for them. I kind of think, did they kiss or didn’t they kiss? I don’t think they got there. I think it was something that could have got there. […] In series two, Kieren was ready to take the reins and ready to kiss someone, especially when he’d seen what happened to Freddie, he was like ‘I’m just going to do it’. ❞


Dominic Mitchell [x] confirming that this was, in fact, Kieren’s first kiss:

(via lushiencarr)

Track: My Sweet Summer
Artist: Dirty Heads
Album: Sound of Change
Plays: 6455


My sweet summer is gone,
She left me here with sand in my bed.
She played me all night long.
But i’d do it all over again


Parks and Recreation Season 6 Gag Reel [x]


Requested by sherlocks-mortal-enemy and anon

A fight between the two of them would be hardly fair… Realistically, Jim should be down and out in two good punches or less. But he doesn’t know when to quit, and would probably push Sebastian far enough to regret the consequences…

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